The Who Wars Podcast #034

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:48 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of so much happening since episode #33; the passing of Ron Moody and Christopher Lee and strange little links to both at the time of recording; the Who Wars Network and some future plans; Sense8 – a new series on Netflix from Andy and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski; and this being an epic-length episode.

09:30 FEATURE – TRIBUTE – Christopher Lee remembered by Rob @WhoWars with an obituary and audio clips from his films and a special memory from Vincent Price, featured in an episode of This Is Your Life that Christopher was honoured on.

24:45 INTERVIEW – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu talks to Jason Spisak – American voice actor in animation and video games, and producer and founding member of Blackchalk Productions. Who Wars listeners might know him best as Lux Bonteri in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

38:20 FEATURE – CONVENTION – Andy @skaromedia gives us a background to the city of Hull in the UK; talks to Steve Bowman from District 14 Events which is running Hull Comic Con and we then hear a promo for the event. Are you going?

Hull Comic Con

49:27 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Rob @WhoWars continues to watch the Clone Wars TV series in chronological order. Here, he watches the Clone Wars film from 2008. Does he like it more than he did when he last watched it, almost seven years ago?

1:07:50 COMIC – STAR WARS – Star Wars #6 & Darth Vader #6 (Marvel) by Andy @skaromedia and Kate @Kamiduu with them running through the issues individually and then after a musical interlude at 1:32:30 the two of them talk together.

1:49:15 COMIC – STAR WARS – Kanan #3 (Marvel) by Jon @nerdstitute

1:52:42 NOVEL – STAR WARS – Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void by Elaine @tveitlight25

2:05:21 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Rob @WhoWars observes a Twitter interaction between Amanda Ward @realamandaward Jeremy Conrad @ManaByte & Joaquin Slowly @JoaquinSlowly about Star Wars fans who are stuck in the past, for example, denying everything post-Return of the Jedi. Following an expensive recreation of the exchange, Rob discusses the topic and gives his thoughts.

Differences between ESB and RotJ toys:

RotJ and its place within the trilogy:

2:17:42 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Kate @Kamiduu talks to Paul Cornell, a British writer best known for his work in Doctor Who fiction and television. As well as Doctor Who, other television credits include Robin Hood, Primeval, Casualty, Holby City and Coronation Street. Cornell has also written for a number of comics, including Marvel and DC titles.

2:30:04 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 9th Doctor #2 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars

2:36:35 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 10th Doctor #11 (Titan) by Kate @Kamiduu

2:42:12 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to Mat Irvine, a Technical Consultant and Visual Effects Designer who worked on television, primarily for the BBC, from the 1970s to the 1990s. As a Technical Consultant, Irvine worked on shows such as The Sky at Night, Tomorrow’s World and Robot Wars. As a Visual Effects Designer, Irvine worked on shows such as Doctor Who, Rentaghost, Terry and June, Blake’s 7, The Tripods, Edge of Darkness and To the Manor Born.

3:32:26 – The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by messages to the show from Doc Whom and Baz Hood.

3:43:42 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).