Who Wars: Doctor Who – Dark Journey Special

00:00 – The Who Wars Network Ident

00:07 – Introduction to this episode from Doctor Who: Dark Journey’s leading man, Andrew Chalmers and series producer, MA Tamburro @AMAudioMedia

00:23 – Doctor Who: Dark Journey “The Age of Banishment”. This is Episode 3 of Series 2 of Dark Journey, making its début exclusively today here on Who Wars.

Would you like to hear more Dark Journey? Need to catch up? Visit amaudiomedia.com/episodes

14:22 – Rob @WhoWars reflects on a near two-hour interview, before hitting play on it.

16:35 – Rob @WhoWars speaks to Andrew Chalmers, the Doctor in Doctor Who: Dark Journey.

Topics covered include Star Wars and Doctor Who (naturally!) as well as some interesting diversions on making fan audio and more.

1:53:47 – Afterword from Rob @WhoWars about this special episode.

1:57:06 – The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).

1:57:47 – One final anecdote from Andrew Chalmers. You know you want to hear it 🙂