The Who Wars Podcast #033

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00:48 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of this being an epic-length episode and the nature of audio fanzines; turning 40 years old (Rob, not Who Wars); trying to get ahold of TV footage from 1988 where Rob appeared on ABC Television in Australia on a Doctor Who quiz, dressed as the 5th Doctor; we have a new reviewer this episode – Matt @swcanonrebel and we’ll have another reviewer starting soon; acknowledgement that there are three interviews in this episode and don’t forget the interviews tab on the Who Wars website; also our own Alan @jedizaugg has started a Star Wars chat podcast, Idiot’s Array; we may have another podcast coming to the Who Wars Network soon; and in a shocking Rob-almost-forgets-moment, we have a current Doctor Who writer interviewed on this episode – Peter Harness.

08:30 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Cute overload! Al Nowatzki from Children Of The Force @ForceChildren sends us an MP3 where he sits down with his two kids, Anna and Liam, asking them, “Why do you like Star Wars?”

12:25 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to TV and film writer, Peter Harness, who not only wrote ‘Kill the Moon’ for Series 8 of Doctor Who and a currently unnamed episode for Series 9 (featuring the return of UNIT, Jemma Redgrave, Ingrid Oliver and the Zygons), but who also recently adapted Susanna Clarke’s novel “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” into a television series of the same name. This interview ranges far and wide over his career.

41:16 FEATURE – STAR WARS/DOCTOR WHO – Kate @Kamiduu is on the show floor at Phoenix Comicon @PhoenixComicon and tells us what she’s seen and what she is preparing for the next episode of the show, which will include interviews with Star Wars author Chuck Wendig @ChuckWendig ; Doctor Who TV and book writer Paul_Cornell @Paul_Cornell and Yoda voice artist, Tom Kane. Good work, Kate!

49:29 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Rob @WhoWars makes good on a “threat” he has made many times on Who Wars, ie: to watch the Clone Wars TV series in chronological order. Here, he kicks off by looking at episode 2.16 Cat and Mouse and 1.16 The Hidden Enemy.

1:01:42 BOOK REVIEW – STAR WARS – Matt @swcanonrebel reviews the new Star Wars novel, Lords of the Sith written by Paul S. Kemp and released on April 28, 2015. What did Matt think? Tune in, folks.

1:08:36 COMIC – STAR WARS – Darth Vader #5 (Marvel) by Andy @skaromedia with guest acting by Kate @Kamiduu

1:18:32 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 11th Doctor #12 (Titan) by Lex @Lexerness

1:24:53 INTERVIEW – COMICS/DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to self-described comic creator, illustrator, cat owner and tiny hat wearer – Rachael Smith @rachael_ who also submits one page comics to the @comicstitan range of 10th Doctor comic books.

1:43:26 FEATURE – DOCTOR WHO – In Episode 32 of Who Wars Rob @WhoWars and Lex @Lexerness ran through their favourite 11th Doctor episodes of Doctor Who. Concluding the piece by asking the audience what they thought, Kate @Kamiduu and Jon @nerdstitute have sent in thoughts about their own favourite 11th Doctor episodes.

1:52:05 INTERVIEW – FAN ART/STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu talks to pop culture illustrator and Star Wars fan Jeff Victor @jeffvictorart who has worked at Nickelodeon Games and Warner Bros. Animation. Learn more about Jeff and see his art:

2:24:52 – The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by an editorial where he talks about the concepts of fan entitlement, fan service and a worrying (to him) tendency for fans to think they are part of the creative process in books, comics, TV shows and movies. Do you agree? Be sure to write in with your thoughts, or record yourself as an MP3 to

2:34:32 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).