The Doctor Who Show S06 E06 – The Holy Terror

Regular listeners will know we don’t talk a lot of Big Finish on the show. We occasionally mention it in news stories and Rob recently reviewed the new Eccleston box set, “Ravagers”, but on the whole we aren’t a Big Finish podcast and often point our listeners towards the excellent, Sirens of Time podcast by fellow Aussies Dwayne Bunney and Philip Edney.

Tonight, however, we talk about our backgrounds with Big Finish… what we have and haven’t heard… what we’d like to do with our Big Finish listening in the future… and most importantly of all, we review THE HOLY TERROR by Rob Shearman, as voted by YOU.

Before then, of course, we have some news from the past month in Doctor Who, and some mini-topics we want to discuss. You know the drill for our flagship show by now, dear listener.

Hope you enjoy the episode. Contact us anytime,

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