The List Makers – Top 1980s Stories

A new month means a new LIST MAKERS episode!

This time, our top stories of the 1980s.

These are 20m chats based around making a list related to a Doctor Who topic and discussing our similarities, differences, and whatever else comes up during the chat!

If you’re enjoying this format, write in and let us know. Suggestions for future lists to be drawn from The Hat of Rassilon are also welcome; get in touch!

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2 thoughts on “The List Makers – Top 1980s Stories”

  1. To suggest that only “certain types of fans” don’t favor Earthshock or Androzani, is exactly the kind of personal put down used by A Certain Type of Fan! Likewise, accusations of being “contrarian” – as if recognising the greatness of those episodes but denying it for effect – is word-perfect the way a certain type denies other’s opinions.
    You said it yourself, if a particular story doesn’t “vibrate” (*resonate) with you, then it just doesn’t. Simple as.

    Offended of Tunbridge Wells

    1. Thanks for writing in!

      The point I was making, albeit in a shorthand way as we try and blast through these episodes in 20 minutes, is that the 1980s stories are where I think fandom starts to get really divided on stuff.

      Broadly, this is a pro-Saward and anti-Saward mindset, but even the ‘frock versus gun’ stuff that I equate more with the novels in the 1990s has increasingly been turned back on the 1980s stories.

      The result being, show me someone who dislikes Earthshock and I’d bet London to a brick, that they’d also dislike Resurrection, Vengeance on Varos, Revelation, etc. That’s what I mean by ‘a certain kind of fan’.

      Now, does this apply to every single fan? Of course not. However, I’ve observed it often enough to think it was worth a comment during the show and indeed, having said all that, the main point I was making was more about myself. And that’s simply that I enjoy both sides of the coin that often divides fandom. Frock? Great. Gun? Great.

      Again, thanks for writing in 🙂
      – Rob

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