The Doctor Who Show S04 E11 – Our Top 5 Nu-Who Moments

As November 23, 2019 approached, the BBC started dropping a surprising amount of information about the forthcoming Series 12 of Doctor Who after a relative dearth of information for the entire year.

Then, on Doctor Who’s 56th birthday, a trailer for the new series dropped. Unfortunately, we recorded this episode a few days before that (!) fully acknowledging that we’d miss the trailer that we knew was coming, however, Rob has subsequently blogged about it.

After discussion of what we know about Series 12 during our news segment, this episode then moves onto some short topics including what we’re watching at present, then our main topic for the month (as revealed in our previous episode), Our Top 5 Nu-Who Moments.

How did we do? Did you like our picks?

And as always, we hope you like the episode…!

Doctor Who Show mailbag emails from: David Clarke, Peter Deadman, and David Young

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