The Doctor Who Show S04 E10 – Great balls of fire! It’s the Pertwee era!

10 episodes into our fourth series and 50 years after he took on the role (remember, Season 7 filming was well underway by late 1969 for a January 1970 debut), we discuss the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

We discuss each season, along with breakout chats on the Pertwee companions, UNIT, the Third Doctor in other media, such as books and audios, and more.

Before then, as usual, we discuss the past month in Doctor Who which, this time around, includes Jodie Whittaker singing some Coldplay, an amateur version of Mission to the Unknown, and Doctorates all ’round for the cast and crew of The Woman Who Fell to Earth. Were they deserved?

General listener comments from: Shane Gordon (sorry we called you Shane McCoy on the show!), Paolo Damante, Mark Cockram, and Christopher Bryant

Doctor Who Show mailbag emails from: Peter Deadman, David Clarke, Bill McCann, Sheldon Carnegie

Let us know your thoughts on ‘The Pert’ or anything else you like at

Season Seven – 1970

Spearhead from Space
Doctor Who and the Silurians
The Ambassadors of Death

Season Eight – 1971

Terror of the Autons
The Mind of Evil
The Claws of Axos
Colony In Space
The Daemons

Season Nine – 1972

Day of the Daleks
The Curse of Peladon
The Sea Devils
The Mutants
The Time Monster

Season Ten – 1972 – 1973

The Three Doctors
Carnival of Monsters
Frontier In Space
Planet of the Daleks
The Green Death

Season Eleven – 1973 – 1974

The Time Warrior
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon
Planet of the Spiders

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