The DW Show Presents: Terrance Dicks (14 April 1935 – 29 August 2019)

Terrance Dicks was born 14th April 1935 and passed away 29th August 2019, aged 84, leaving a figurative hole in the heart of Doctor Who fans of a certain age around the globe.

We at the Doctor Who Show were both massive fans of ‘Uncle Terrance’, to the degree that we joyfully dedicated a whole episode of the podcast to him back in January, 2019.

Tonight, we take that audio and add some new comments recorded today, so we can – in some small way – pay a final tribute to the great man.

We also hope if there are listeners of ours out there who are wanting to remember Terrance in the days ahead, then perhaps this audio file will be an uplifting and maybe even fun way to look back on his awesome career and fantastic body of work.

Vale, Terrance.

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