The Doctor Who Show S04 E09 – The Keeper of Traken

As regular listeners know, Rob and Dave differentiate the Doctor Who Show from most other Who podcasts by seldom talking about a single Doctor Who story as the main segment of their monthly shows. Their topics are usually broader, taking in multiple stories as they work their way through a topic.

This month, however, the guys have decided to mix things up and do something a little different by taking a deep dive on the penultimate (and underrated?) Tom Baker story, The Keeper of Traken, as the main focus of the episode.

Before they get there, however, they follow their usual format of cherry picking some of the more interesting Doctor Who news stories for the previous month, and also rattle through a few quick ‘mini topics’ of their own.

Keeper of Traken listener comments from: FilmArk Reviews @mattbarberuk; Rob Kelly @robkellytweets; Darren Signal @dcsignal

Doctor Who Show mailbag emails from: Sheldon Carnegie, Richard Nolan

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2 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Show S04 E09 – The Keeper of Traken”

  1. I am David Boyle’s partner. Thank you so much for paying tribute to him and for your kind words.
    David’s passing was totally unexpected and I am still reeling with shock.
    It has been so uplifting to see how much respect there is for him amongst the DAPOL / Dr Who fans.

    Kind regards

    1. You’re very welcome, Julie. We’re just two guys, down here in Australia, with a podcast. But we knew of David, and we knew of the great ways he had benefited Doctor Who fandom over the years. And we were proud we could combine the two topics during that segment of the episode. Thank you so much for stopping by to leave your comment. – Rob

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