The Doctor Who Show S04 E05 – Special Effects We’d Change

We bid ‘bye bye!’ to the month of May with our latest episode. As promised at the end of last month, this time around we’re looking at effects in Doctor Who episodes that we’d change to help the story.

Of course we also zip through some recent Doctor Who and genre news (including the Game of Thrones finale), dip into our listener mailbag, and enjoy each other’s company for an hour and a bit.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

And for a sneak peak of where the stories come from that we’d change the effects in…

Season 2
Season 7
Season 9
Season 11
Season 15
Season 16
Season 18
Season 20
Season 22
Season 24
Series 3
Series 8

One thought on “The Doctor Who Show S04 E05 – Special Effects We’d Change”

  1. Hi lads,

    Welcome from the land of Terror of the Zygons better known as Inverness in Scotland. I found your great podcast via Space Fall the Blakes 7 podcast ( love that show as well )

    I thought I had to say that I cant applaud your style enough, great topics and its always done in a positive manor, Social Media is full of haters that like nothing better than to hate on everything but not you guys its always a pleasure to listen to you and then re watch a story that I may not have seen for years with a new appreciation thanks to your show. Cheers Lads

    I knew as soon as this months episode dropped that you would be talking about The Invasion of Time, the Dinos and the only story I have never re watched The Web Planet after listening to this months podcast I will be nipping into town tomorrow to buy the DVD

    Question for you … Do you watch the original transition versions or the SE versions with CGI eg the Planet of Fire Omnibus on disk two ?

    I have been a fan of Doctor Who & Blakes 7 since I was a boy in the 70s thanks to my father working as a carpenter for a company on the outskirts of Glasgow who made the sets for the BBC, So if you ever do an episode on how shakey the sets were remember they may not have travelled in time but they did do over 400 miles in a Ford Transit

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