HOT TAKE! Doctor Who and The Woman Who Fell to Earth

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AKA The Egg of Terror

Rob and Dave talk off-the-cuff and unstructured on the first Doctor Who Series 11 episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth. What did they make of it?

[It’s about time. A brand new era begins with a new Doctor. A mysterious woman, unable to remember her own name, falls from the night sky in Sheffield. Can she help solve the strange events taking place across the city?]

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2 thoughts on “HOT TAKE! Doctor Who and The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

  1. Really enjoyed your last few shows and hope you’ll be doing a Troughton special in the same way as the brilliant Hartnell one. On the Woman Who Fell to Earth, I’d like to hear your views on whether the crane incident had deliberate echoes of The last episode of Logopolis. Also whilst I agreed that Jolie Whittaker was very good, I can’t see justification for northern accent. I felt the same with Eccleston. I’m not buying the northern part of Gallifrey argument. Surely the essence of the regeneration is that it’s fundamentally the same person in a different body. Whilst the personality can change the accent shouldn’t. Lastly, on the subject of the doctor’s adjustment to the regeneration process surely the precedent dates back to Troughton’s first story. Moreover, not that realism is relevant, it would be less realistic to completely recovery from regeneration in a single episode.

    1. Cheers Patrick! I’m sure we’ll get to Pat at some stage with a retrospective episode. Certainly not before 2019 but after that, WHO knows? As for your comments on TWWFTE, stay tuned for our next monthly episode (28 Oct), where we will gather all the comments received on the first few eps. Thanks for listening. It’s always so nice to hear from people who are! 🙂 – Rob

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