The Doctor Who Show S03 E09 – Having fun with Hartnell

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Nine episodes into our third series of the podcast, and 55 years after he took on the role, we discuss the William Hartnell era of Doctor Who.

We discuss each season, along with breakout chats on the Hartnell companions, the Daleks, and the First Doctor in other media, such as books, videos, and DVDs.

Before then, as usual, we discuss the past month in Doctor Who which, this time around, includes a lot of Series 11 information.

An Unearthly Child
The Daleks
The Edge of Destruction
Marco Polo
The Keys of Marinus
The Aztecs
The Sensorites
The Reign of Terror

Planet of Giants
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
The Rescue
The Romans
The Web Planet
The Crusade
The Space Museum
The Chase
The Time Meddler

Galaxy 4
Mission to the Unknown
The Myth Makers
The Daleks’ Master Plan
The Massacre
The Ark
The Celestial Toymaker
The Gunfighters
The Savages
The War Machines

The Smugglers
The Tenth Planet

The Three Doctors

The Five Doctors

Twice Upon A Time

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