The Doctor Who Show S02 E07 – Writers who wrote few stories, but all classics

(IMPORTANT! Our special thanks to listener, John Hole, for the pre- and post-credits audio find…!)

Hello! It’s been quite a month in Doctor Who and its associated fandom and Rob and Dave take their usual monthly dive into it all.

Today’s episode – broadly – covers:

NU-WHO: Davogate. What happened? What do Rob and Dave make of it? And how do we feel about Whittaker’s casting, two weeks on?

CLASSIC WHO: Debbie Watling and Trevor Baxter pass away.

NU-WHO: The Christmas Special trailer has dropped. How does it look? Is Mark Gatiss playing a character of note?

CLASSIC WHO: Dave’s got his hands on the Emperor of the Daleks comic book collection. Hear him rave about it.

NU-WHO: Rob’s reading the final three 12th Doctor novels from BBC Books. Diamond Dogs has been read and he’s now into Plague City.

CLASSIC WHO: Dave’s randomly picked The Twin Dilemma off his bookshelf, watched it, and survived. How? Why? Hear his thoughts.

CLASSIC WHO: Have you seen ‘The Doctors’ DVDs? These are the old Myth Makers videos cleaned up and released on DVD. Give them a try!

CLASSIC WHO/NU-WHO: Our main topic for this episode is Doctor Who writers (both classic and nu), who only wrote one or two stories (three at the most), but whose output is regarded as among the best the series has ever produced. Features listener suggestions from: Ezra Penny, Matthew Thomas Young, Mike Solko, Christopher Bryant, Richard Nolan, and Steven B. Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

FINALLY: Some listener feedback from Kenny Davidson as we wrap up, relating to Whittaker’s casting, along with a few recent iTunes reviews. Our topic next episode will be what stories did we not get/really dislike as kids, but which we adore as adults? Feel free to send your thoughts on that topic to the usual address(es).

Thanks everyone, as always, for listening. We greatly appreciate your ears, your emails and your tweets and, if you really want to make our day, why not leave us an iTunes review sometime?

See you next month…!