The Doctor Who Show S02 E08 – Classic Era we hated as kids but love as adults

Hello! For a month where we approached this episode thinking, “What on earth is there to talk about (aside from our monthly feature)?” a surprising amount dropped in the week before we recorded and we respond in kind.

Today’s episode – broadly – covers:

NU-WHO: Bradley Walsh is strongly rumoured to be Jodie Whittaker’s companion in Series 11. Who is he? What’s he been in? How might this play out in terms of a young-looking Doctor with a much older companion?

CLASSIC WHO: A new version of Shada is on the way. Rob can barely contain his boredom. Is it needed? How will it look? So many questions.

NU-WHO: Brand-new commentary on Jodie Whittaker from Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies. Jodie’s also been getting around some radio stations.

NU-WHO: Rumours of Jenna Coleman appearing in the Christmas special remain just that for now – rumours. However a picture of the new Ben Jackson appears and pleases both Rob and Dave in terms of his likeness.

CLASSIC WHO/NU-WHO: Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America was released earlier this week and Rob and Dave had an advance copy with many of the chapters in it. They talk about the book and US fandom. Could a book like this also work in relation to Australia?

CLASSIC WHO: August 29 is the 30th Anniversary of Dave’s first Doctor Who club meeting that he attended with his Dad, aged 7. Rob realises, on air, that 1987 was also when he attended his first fan event, aged 12.

CLASSIC WHO/NU-WHO: Rob gives a podcast shout-out to I’ll Explain Later & Complete Menagerie. He also mentions Progtor Who recently having it’s third birthday and notes that Who Wars (which is the father of today’s Doctor Who Show), first went out on Sept 7 2014; almost three years, too.

CLASSIC WHO: Dave’s been watching the Hartnell classic, The Ark, and finds the message it sends being extremely relevant for today.

NU-WHO: Rob calls for submissions to our “Nu-Who’s Beryl Reid” episode, set for September 24. “Everyone talks about Classic Who and stunt casting… but who are the celebrities in Nu-Who that really made you sit up, both for good reasons and bad?!?” Get your submissions in ASAP.

CLASSIC WHO/NU-WHO: Our main topic for this episode is Doctor Who stories that listeners (and us) either didn’t get or just didn’t enjoy as children, but which we really enjoy as adults. These are almost all classic era stories, but one Nu-Who bolter makes it through at the end. Features emails from Mark Smith and Jim Hall in addition to listener suggestions from: Jim Hall, The Polis Box, Mark Watts, Isaac Dakin, James Stoker, Ganesh Projoy, Jon Arnold, Brendan Jones, Brian Dobson, Paul Scoones, spankybackpack, John Hole, Dave Ringo, Dylan Rees, We Are Cult, David Lancaster, Hayden Gribble, Christopher Bryant, and The Ginger Luke. Thanks for your thoughts!

FINALLY: The second half of our mega email from Jim Hall, discussing the Doctor Who Magazine comics in the era of Tom Baker’s final season.

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See you in September for both our monthly show and the first in a new series of ‘Alternate Galaxies’ episodes where, for our first episode, we’ll put Buffy the Vampire Slayer under the spotlight and let you know why, as a Doctor Who fan, you might be interested in watching it (if you haven’t already).