The Doctor Who Show S02 E01

Rob discusses Doctor Who with super-sub Paul Scoones (author, The Comic Strip Companion), filling in for David while he’s away in the United Kingdom.

Along the way, they cover:

– Listener emails from JR Southall and Richard Nolan

– “Alternative facts” and a quote from 1977 Doctor Who

– 18 years since Paul helped find The Lion episode of The Crusade

– Power of the Daleks; discussion of the animated story and colour version

– Discussion of the omni-rumour and missing episodes in general

– Doctor Who comics – lengthy discussion following DWM reprint of a 1970s strip

– Doctor Who Magazine 508 – The 70s issue including Terrance Dicks and Katy Manning

– Happy 83rd birthday to Tom Baker!

– Star Wars: The Last Jedi, discussion of the title and Star Wars in general

– Star Wars: Rebels Blu-ray rant and discussion of retail pricing in NZ

– Part two of Richard Nolan’s email and discussion of his top five TV series: 1) Gigantor. 2) Battle of the Planets. 3) Monkey. 4) Sweet and Sour. 5) The Young Ones

– Paul raises Under the Mountain, a 1979 children’s book by NZ writer Maurice Gee, adapted into a 1981 television miniseries and a 2009 film

– Do hang around after the credits, won’t you?

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