JR Southall talks Hating to Love

Rob chats to JR Southall about the new Doctor Who essay book, Hating to Love. What’s it all about? Tune in and find out…

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Are the worst Doctor Who stories really as bad as their reputations suggest they are?

It’s time to don your breathing apparatus, roll up your sleeves and join a team of ten intrepid – and slightly irrational – authors, as they head to the bottom of the barrel in a quest to uncover the worst the series has to offer, and to find out if those apples really are as rotten as they’re painted.

On the way, we’ll meet the paving slab with the inappropriate love life, the pantomime horse that leaked green stuff all over Janet Fielding’s dress, and the Dalek mutant with the phallic mane…

Edited by J.R. Southall with Jon Arnold, Matt Barber, Christopher Bryant, Michael S. Collins, John Davies, Tony Green, Jim Hall, Brendan Jones, and Beth Ward.