The Who Wars Podcast #021

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme
00:30 Introduction to the show; discussion includes welcome to the new year; not watching Star Wars Clone Wars during the break; run-down of Episode 21 contents; Who Wars continuing as a fortnightly podcast; competition in this episode in conjunction with AM Audio Media; website now has a team page and details on how to join us; reviewing Star Wars Rebels on Who Wars in the future.
05:55 STAR WARS NEWS – Liam Neeson’s opinion of the new Episode VII lightsaber; Star Wars Detours possibly coming to DVD and Blu-Ray later this year; Star Wars spinoff movie loses scriptwriter Gary Whitta; young Irish actor, Domhnall Gleeson, talks being in Star Wars.
17:05 DOCTOR WHO NEWS – Russell T. Davies on being asked to return to write for Doctor Who, plus the 10th anniversary of Nu-Who; Nine predictions for Doctor Who Series 9.
33:05 COMPETITION – AM Audio Media is sponsoring a Doctor Who-based competition here at Who Wars. Tune in and listen to learn how to enter!
35:50 FEATURE – DOCTOR WHO – Which actor or actress would be your ultimate choice to play the Doctor? Kate @Kamiduu Rob @WhoWars The Rev @skaromedia and Lex @Lexerness weigh in with their thoughts on who would make a great Doctor if casting was no object.
47:38 FEATURE – DOCTOR WHO – The Rev @skaromedia ponders what Doctor Who needs, going into Series 9, after a conversation with ‘Dave the Smurf’.
52:18 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 10th Doctor #6 (Titan) by Kate @Kamiduu
58:54 ADVERT – AM Audio Media
59:14 Closing remarks
1:00:24 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show)