The Who Wars Podcast #020

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme
00:30 Introduction to the show; discussion includes Who Wars hitting 20 episodes; Christmas and New Year around the world for the Who Wars team and our listeners; Rob also discusses the concept of whether pop culture is more disposable these days than in years past, or whether it’s a by-product of growing up.
10:34 NEWS – Star Wars – Is a Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie in progress? It seems likely — but is it going to be “old Han” or “young Han”?
13:30 NEWS – Star Wars – A conversation with a 5 year old girl about Jabba The Hutt’s fashion ideas.
15:59 NEWS – Star Wars – Dark Horse is having its last ever sale of digital Star Wars comics. But you need to be quick if you want to buy them.
20:12 NEWS – Doctor Who – Jenna Coleman is to stay another series of Doctor Who. Rob’s not entirely happy with that outcome and gives his thoughts why.
25:52 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Last Christmas. What do Rob @WhoWars The Rev @skaromedia and Lex @Lexerness think of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special?
46:15 FEATURE – Doctor Who – The Rev @skaromedia posed a question in Episode 19, “What scenarios or genres would you like to see the Doctor pop up in a future episode?” Kate @Kamiduu Lex @Lexerness and Rob @WhoWars give their thoughts.
52:40 FEATURE – Star Wars or Doctor Who? Kate @Kamiduu puts that question to attendees of Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, held December 12-14, 2014 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.
1:08:12 COMIC – Doctor Who: 12th Doctor #3 (Titan) by The Rev @skaromedia
1:16:26 COMIC – Doctor Who: 11th Doctor #6 (Titan) by Lex @Lexerness
1:18:38 Closing remarks
1:20:09 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show)