The Who Wars Podcast #013

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:30 Introduction to the show; includes discussion of the number of great podcasts out there; promotion of Coffee with Kenobi and Binro was Right podcasts; Rob’s listening habits when it comes to podcasts; grassroots podcasting; listener follow-up to segment in episode 11 based on a question from listener Ryder Waldron, “If you could be any Star Wars character who would you be and why?”; get in touch with the show and/or leave some iTunes feedback. Details in the closing credits.

12:01 NEWS – Star Wars Episode VII scene shot in IMAX.

14:55 NEWS – Star Wars Episode VII villian revealed in an image. Possibly. What does he/she/it look like?

17:02 NEWS – Original X-Wing and TIE Fighter PC games are coming to Good Old Games, alongside other Lucasarts classics.

21:02 NEWS – Doctor Who’s Matt Smith appears in ridiculous Terminator: Genisys publicity images.

23:47 REVIEW – Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Old Masters by Rob @WhoWars & Leo

38:40 ADVERT – We’re looking for team members. Want to join us? Want to contribute something?

39:26 REVIEW – Doctor Who: In The Forest Of The Night (BBC) by Lex @Lexerness

44:54 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Dark Water (BBC) by Rob @WhoWars

1:03:40 REVIEW – Star Wars: The Crystal Star by Kate @Kamiduu

1:11:44 ADVERT – Doctor Who: Dark Journey

1:12:08 Closing remarks; call for iTunes feedback on the show

1:14:04 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including how to get in touch with the show)