The Who Wars Podcast #014

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:30 Introduction to the show; includes discussion of the reaction to a female Master in Doctor Who between last week and this week’s show; forgetting to mention the name of the Binro Was Right podcast in the previous episode; meeting Chris Roberts and some of his team from the crowd funded PC game ‘Star Citizen’ – the largest crowd fund of anything, ever; promotion of the podcasts Reality Bomb and Rebel Force Radio; get in touch with the show and/or leave some iTunes feedback. Details in the closing credits.

Reality Bomb:
Rebel Force Radio:
Star Citizen:
Chris Roberts talks crowd funding with ABC News (Australia):

19:08 NEWS – Star Wars Episode VII gets a name. Kate @Kamiduu joins Rob @WhoWars to discuss.

31:50 NEWS – Elstree 1976 Star Wars documentary maker, Jon Spira, provides an update on the project.

Elstree 1976:

35:05 NEWS – Daniel Radcliffe discusses a visit to the Star Wars Episode VII set on Conan.

38:24 NEWS – BBC responds to criticism of Doctor Who: Dark Water.

42:04 ADVERT – Doctor Who: Dark Journey

42:28 REVIEW – Star Wars Rebels: Breaking Ranks by Rob @WhoWars & Leo

57:35 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Dark Water (BBC) by Lex @Lexerness

1:06:50 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Death in Heaven (BBC) by Rob @WhoWars

1:20:49 FEATURE- Second Hand Star Wars by Kate @Kamiduu

1:27:02 ADVERT – We’re looking for team members. Want to join us? Want to contribute something?

1:27:26 Closing remarks; call for iTunes feedback on the show

1:29:17 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including how to get in touch with the show)