The Who Wars Podcast #012

Are you into comics? Drawing? Art? Anecdotes?

On Sunday October 19, I sat down on Skype with pro comic book artist, EricJ (Doctor Who, Justice League, Rex Mundi). Given the timezones, it was a sunny San Diego afternoon the day before for Eric and what was going to be a pleasant one hour chat, or thereabouts, turned into a three hour-plus epic that covered a lot of ground.

Rather than bang out a three-hour-plus podcast of the resulting chat, I pulled out a section on Star Wars, a section on Doctor Who, and a section on learning to draw and breaking into the comics industry. We ran the Star Wars segment on October 21 and the Doctor Who segment on October 23.

Now it’s time for the main event – this is the “meat and potatoes” of the interview, covering comics, drawing, art and anecdotes from Eric’s career so far. When did he start drawing? What’s been his most fulfilling comics job? How does he find the transition from paper to digital art? What does his future hold? Are there any passion projects in the wings?

Eric and I had a lot of fun recording what turned into these three podcasts.

Please enjoy,