The Who Wars Podcast #009

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!

On Sunday October 19, I sat down on Skype with pro comic book artist, EricJ (Doctor Who, Justice League, Rex Mundi). Given the timezones, it was a sunny San Diego afternoon the day before for Eric and what was going to be a pleasant 1hr chat, or thereabouts, turned into a three-hour-plus epic that covered a lot of ground.

Rather than bang out a three-hour-plus podcast of the resulting chat that only the truly hardcore would ever listen to, I’ve pulled out a section on Star Wars, a section on Doctor Who, and a section on learning to draw and breaking into the comics industry. A sample of the Star Wars segment was included in our October 19 show as a teaser and that’s what you’ll hear in this podcast, now in full.

Tune in on October 23 for a similar chat with Eric about Doctor Who.

Tune in on October 29 for a chat with Eric about drawing and the comic industry.

We will, of course, have a regular episode of Who Wars in the middle of all of this, on October 26.

Happy listening,