The Who Wars Podcast #008

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:30 Introduction to the show; includes discussion of grassroots podcasting; great podcasts this week from 42 To Doomsday and Star Wars Action News; Star Wars Rebels “Fighter Flight”; Doctor Who Series 8 reactions; get in touch with the show and/or leave some iTunes feedback. Details in the closing credits.

10:15 NEWS – Will Warwick Davis Appear in Star Wars: Episode VII?

12:40 NEWS – Darth Vader image in Star Wars Rebels in addition to new clips on YouTube; An Interview with Freddie Prinze Jr.; “Kanan vs. The Inquisitor”; “Hera and Sabine, Alone in the Dark”; “Igniting a Legacy” Featurette.

20:15 NEWS – Star Wars Vintage X-Wing Restoration by Retroblasting

24:20 NEWS – Doctor Who: Flatline promotional clip from the BBC

27:06 INTERVIEW – Rob talks to professional comic book artist EricJ (Doctor Who, Justice League of America, Rex Mundi), about Star Wars. This is an exclusive SNEAK PEAK at next Tuesday’s episode!

42:57 ADVERT – We’re looking for team members. Want to join us?

43:24 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Flatline (BBC) by Rob @WhoWars

53:09 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express (BBC) by Lex @Lexerness

55:20 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Dark Journey by Rob @WhoWars

1:00:04 REVIEW – Doctor Who: The Nemonite Invasion (BBC) by Kate @Kamiduu

1:04:34 ADVERT – Doctor Who: Dark Journey

1:05:02 Closing remarks; call for iTunes feedback on the show.

1:06:45 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including how to get in touch with the show).