The Who Wars Podcast #007

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:30 Introduction to the show; includes discussion of Star Wars: Clone Wars fans and their desire to see the program go back into production; Star Wars: Rebels and Rob’s theory on how it will all end in five years’ time; more interaction with Freddie Prinze Jr. on Twitter and a reveal about Kanan Jarrus’ Jedi Master; a Twitter favourite from Billy Dee Williams; Listener feedback from @amaudiomedia @50dw50 and @ben110173; get in touch with the show and/or leave some iTunes feedback. Details in the closing credits.

14:00 NEWS – Star Wars: Episode VII rumours and speculation; John Williams putting together Episode VII soundtrack within weeks; ‘Loose Lips Sink Starships’ poster (previously mentioned by Kevin Smith) leaked from Episode VII set; Harrison Ford in the UK; Han Solo costuming echoes George Lucas fashion, circa 1976?

20:40 NEWS – Marvel reveal Star Wars: Kanan series, due April 2015, ay NYCC.

22:20 NEWS – The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

24:02 NEWS – Robert Downey Jr. recently watched Doctor Who for some homework and thinks it’s “an incredible series”.

27:16 NEWS – Who is Gus? Rob delves into a Radio Times article on the topic from today’s screening of Doctor Who.

30:27 FEATURE – Star Wars Episode VII Spoilers by Kate @Kamiduu

33:56 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express (BBC) by Rob @WhoWars

49:48 REVIEW – Star Wars: Rebels “Droids in Distress” (Lucasfilm) by Rob @WhoWars & Leo

1:06:16 FEATURE – Secondhand Star Wars by Kate @Kamiduu

1:12:52 ADVERT – We’re looking for team members. Want to join us?

1:13:39 REVIEW – Doctor Who: Kill The Moon (BBC) by Lex @Lexerness

1:19:20 COMIC – Doctor Who: 10th Doctor #3 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars

1:26:03 COMIC – Doctor Who: 12th Doctor #1 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars

1:34:50 Closing remarks; call for iTunes feedback on the show.

1:36:15 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including how to get in touch with the show).