Synopsis – The Shadow of Weng-Chiang

Our episode on April 30, 2023 features the Virgin Missing Adventure, The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, as its main topic.

In the past when we’ve done novels, we’ve included a blow-by-blow summary of the novel, so our listeners are across the story. The theory being that far less listeners have read all the Virgin or BBC novels, and may need the information.

This practice has been appreciated, but has also blown out episode run-times. Given that not every listener even needs the summary, we put our heads together to come up with a way to provide a summary but not blow out the episode.

And here it is… a standalone summary of The Shadow of Weng-Chiang. If you’ve never read the novel before, or you have but feel like a refresher is in order, this 15m podcast will tell you what happens in the novel, from start to finish. Have at it.

See you on Sunday with our Shadow of Weng-Chiang episode, where you’ll hear our actual thoughts on the story in question!

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