Primary Sources Christmas Special 2022

When PRIMARY SOURCES ended, earlier in 2022, a promise was made that it would come back ‘from time to time’ as a series of specials. Today, Rob makes good on that promise, with the PRIMARY SOURCES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2022.

Featuring input from Anthony Carroll (squared), Chris March, Richard Smith, Terry Hayward, Jeremy Bonwick, and Neilers C, a team of Doctor Who fans weigh in on a letter to Doctor Who Magazine #238 from May, 1996 on the topic of…


Yes, hanky panky, coitus, relations, lovemaking… whatever you want to call it. Does it ruin Doctor Who? Fans certainly thought so with the TV movie hurtling at them back in 1996. Have our attitudes changed, or is it still a bit… icky?

Wishing you all the compliments of the season, and we’ll be back in the new year to do it all again.

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