Stories that deserve a second chance (The Doctor Who Show S07 E12)

In every era of Doctor Who there are stories which, for whatever reason, aren’t as well remembered as others. They’re the ones you skip over when you’re browsing your DVDs, wondering what you should slip on. Maybe it’s because of other, “better” episodes in the same season. Maybe it’s received fan wisdom putting you off. Maybe you had a genuinely bad experience with the story in the past.

Tonight, however, we turn our mind to stories that are underrated and which you might not be too keen on choosing for your viewing pleasure… yet you should. We blaze through all 13 Doctors, presenting 26 choices for your perusal.

Before then, of course, we also talk some recent Doctor Who news, including details of how long Ncuti Gatwa’s first series will be, Christmas specials for years to come, and the sad passing of legendary series writer, Chris Boucher.

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