Actors who have played the Doctor in other roles (The Doctor Who Show S07 E10)

What a week! It started with us doing a hot take episode on the final Jodie Whittaker story, The Power of the Doctor, and we thought this episode following it would be a bit fluffy and frothy and very relaxed.

Nek minnit… we get the news that Disney+ has secured the worldwide rights to screen Doctor Who outside of the UK, starting in 2023. International fandom blew up, particularly here in Australia. Dave was called to appear on a couple of mainstream radio shows to talk about it. We play one at the end of the ep!

So while this episode is about actors who have played the Doctor in other roles, we also have a lot of discussion on both the trailer for the three upcoming specials, and the Disney+ deal. Three listener emails round out the episode.

Hope you enjoy the show! Contact us anytime,

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