Doctor Who Am I (The DW Show Presents: Matthew Jacobs)

Doctor Who Am I is described by IMDb as a documentary where, “an infamous Doctor Who screenwriter is reluctantly dragged back into the American Whoniverse, in this funny and moving documentary about finding family in the unlikeliest of places.” It launched in the UK in late October and will be available on home media in some territories later this very month.

But did you know that, on the podcast which gave birth to the Doctor Who Show – Who Wars – we actually interviewed that screenwriter (Matthew Jacobs)? And that he spoke at length about the Doctor Who Am I project?

Yes, on August 9, 2015 we ran a 40m interview with Matthew, touching on Doctor Who Am I, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Star Wars, and more. All conducted by Kate – @kamiduu.

What we have made here is an edit of that interview, basically cutting more than 50% out (so if you want to hear him talk Disney, Young Indy, George Lucas, etc, you will need to seek out the original episode), and we’re left with a very Doctor Who and Doctor Who Am I oriented chat.

Seven years have gone by since this interview was conducted, but we think you’ll find the chat relevant and a great preamble to seeing the doco!

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