The Doctor Who Show S07 E05 – Season One (1963/64)

Well, you voted for it on Twitter, folks…

Season 1 (Hartnell) 40.3%
Season 13 (Baker) 32.8%
Series 7a (Smith) 14.9%
08-10 Specials (Tennant) 11.9%

So here we are, to discuss Season One of Doctor Who from 1963/64.

An Unearthly Child
The Daleks
The Edge of Destruction
Marco Polo
The Keys of Marinus
The Aztecs
The Sensorites
The Reign of Terror

Before then, we talk the month in Doctor Who, including a ton of public filming featuring David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and co., in addition to a revealing Chris Chibnall interview in Doctor Who Magazine.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

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