The Doctor Who Show S06 E03 – Season Six (1968/69)

In early March Rob and Dave ran a Twitter poll to tell them what season of Doctor Who they should talk about in the episode at the end of that month; the very episode you are about to listen to now.

The choices were Season Six (1968/69); Season 11 (1973/74); Season 14 (1976/77); and the David Tennant era specials (2009/10).

140 votes were cast, with Season 6 winning on 37.9% of the vote.

After a brief discussion of the season, including thoughts on the TARDIS team and the general chaos behind the scenes, the guys then give their thoughts on each individual story, before a summary at the end, tackling whether the season works overall. What are your thoughts on it?

The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Invasion
The Krotons
The Seeds of Death
The Space Pirates
The War Games

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