The Doctor Who Show S05 E12 – Fan Reactions That Surprised You

How many times have you watched an episode of Doctor Who, then gone online and wondered if the rest of the world watched the same episode?

It might be a story you really loved and it feels like everyone else is panning it. Conversely it might be a story you thought was the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life yet, when you go online afterwards, people are talking about it like it’s the next Genesis of the Daleks.

It’s weird, right? Frustrating? Yeah, we hear you. On tonight’s episode, we have TONS of listener feedback on the topic, not only because it gives us a wide and varied group of examples but because we wanted you to be involved in our final episode of 2020 as a thank you to all your support this year. We do throw in some of our own thoughts too, of course!

Before then we talk about the past month in Doctor Who news – this time including the imminent arrival of Revolution of the Daleks and some last minute filming that’s been added to it – in addition to some short topics.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

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