The Doctor Who Show S05 E07 – The Girl Who Waited

Regular listeners will know that aside from our ‘hot take’ episodes whenever new Doctor Who emerges, our other episodes are hardly ever based on reviewing a single story. In that way, we’re probably different to many, or even most, Doctor Who podcasts out there which make single story reviews their main focus.

We ‘broke’ this rule in September 2019 by randomly selecting The Keeper of Traken for a deep dive and we loved the experience so much, we decided to do it again sometime in the following year.

Conscious that we did a Classic Who episode last time, a few weeks back we ran a Twitter poll asking listeners what they’d like to hear us do a standalone podcast on: Amy’s Choice, The Long Game, The Girl Who Waited, or The Idiot’s Lantern.

136 votes were cast, with 35.3% asking for The Girl Who Waited.

So… here we are! But some things never change and before we get to the episode itself we also rattle through some listener reviews, Doctor Who news, and short topics.

And be sure to let us know what you thought of our opinion on the story, so we can read you out, next time.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

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