The Doctor Who Show S04 E12 – Goodbye 2019! We answer your questions!

Christmas has come and gone… the new year beckons… and Rob and Dave are still in the studio, burning the midnight oil.

In this episode, the guys rattle through some news before turning their attention to listener questions for the whole show.

They also have sometime show co-hosts, Richard, Michael, and Steven answer a question each as well, virtually re-uniting the extended hosting team.

The Doctor Who Show hopes you all had a very Merry Christmas, and wish you all the best for the impending new year. 2020, eh? It’s a-comin’.

Questions in this episode are from:

The Human Palindrome @MarkCockram
Tardis Blue @DrWhoNZ
Hayden Gribble @Gribbla12
Pete Murphy @popscene69
Patrick Howe @PatrickJFury
Ben PM by email
Richard Nolan by email
Rob Kelly @robkellytweets
Sheldon Carnegie by email x3
Brendan Jones @brandybongos
Baz Warrington via Facebook
Flight Through Entirety @FTEpodcast
Jeff Waddell via Facebook
Mark John @MarkBobJohn
Mark from @42TODoomsday
William McCann III by email

Doctor Who Show mailbag emails from: Mike Solko, Baz Warrington, and Sheldon Carnegie.

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