Doctor Who Series 11 Wrap

Rob and Dave talk about Series 11 of Doctor Who. They recap each episode, revise their scores from their weekly HOT TAKE episodes, and discuss what worked – and what didn’t – over the previous 10 weeks. Listener email also plays a big part in the episode.

“The Woman Who Fell to Earth” d:Jamie Childs w:Chris Chibnall

“The Ghost Monument” d:Mark Tonderai w:Chris Chibnall

“Rosa” d:Mark Tonderai w:Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall

“Arachnids in the UK” d:Sallie Aprahamian w:Chris Chibnall

“The Tsuranga Conundrum” d:Jennifer Perrott w:Chris Chibnall

“Demons of the Punjab” d:Jamie Childs w:Vinay Patel

“Kerblam!” d:Jennifer Perrott w:Pete McTighe

“The Witchfinders” d:Sallie Aprahamian w:Joy Wilkinson

“It Takes You Away” d:Jamie Childs w:Ed Hime

“The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” d:Jamie Childs w:Chris Chibnall

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