Child Out of Time (The Doctor Who Show Presents: Hayden Gribble)

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It brings me great delight to say that friend of the show (and podcaster in his own right), Hayden Gribble, has penned a book, which is coming out on the 16th of this month. Pretty much around the time you’ll hear this episode.

That book is called Child Out Of Time, a memoir of sorts, about a Doctor Who fan growing up in the Wilderness years of the series.

With a cover by Doctor Who author Paul Magrs and a foreword by Andrew ‘Full Circle’ Smith, this really is a neat thing.

So, to do my part in letting everyone know the book’s out – find it at Amazon, folks – I’ve gone back to the Doctor Who Show episode #2 (from February, 2016).

Why? Because I had Hayden on that episode. You see, Hayden’s always fascinated me from the point of view that in Who fandom we have a bunch of people who watched the classic era and most of us have continued to enjoy Nu-Who. Or they’re people who started with Nu-Who and some might have gone back to the classics, but I’d wager most haven’t, even if they appreciate the history and gravitas it gives the new material.

But Hayden’s different. He didn’t see the Classic Era on its first run, but then became a fan in the wilderness years, thanks initially to the TV Movie, so was primed and ready to be a major fan when Nu Who started, just like a Classic era fan… but was still this young guy at the time with a different story to most.

That sort of thing’s really interesting to me, so I wanted to chat with him on the show about being a younger who fan who likes the classic era, as a bit of a conversation piece.

Now, towards the end of the chat back in 2016, Hayden mentions some projects coming up and one of them was Child out of Time… so it seemed highly appropriate to dust off this tape, and give you a taste of Hayden and I chatting about his years growing up with the show which he’s now expanded upon – in quite a major way – in Child out of Time.