The Doctor Who Show S02 E06 – Reflections on The Master

Hello! The last time Dave and Rob sat down to do a monthly episode of the show like this… it was March. Of course, there have been Doctor- and Companion-lite editions since then and 11 weekly review episodes of Series 10 so far, so it’s not like the guys have been slacking in the slightest! But it’s certainly a change of pace to hear them chat about a variety of random Classic and Nu-Who topics for an hour.

Today’s episode – broadly – covers:

CLASSIC WHO: Discussion of Season 27

NU-WHO: Casting the next Doctor

NU-WHO: 2017 Doctor Who UK ratings

CLASSIC WHO: Do classic-era Doctor Who stories get better if they go beyond 6 parts?

NU-WHO: It’s been 10 years since Blink


CLASSIC WHO/NU-WHO: The guys would like you to write in and let them know who the best Doctor Who writers are who aren’t regulars. Basically people who have written only one or two stories (three maximum), and have a great hit rate.

Thanks everyone, as always, for listening. We greatly appreciate your ears and your emails and tweets and, if you really want to make our day, why not leave us an iTunes review? See you next month…!