The Doctor Who Show S02 E02

David Kitchen’s back! Well, if you heard our ’21 Replacements For 12′ episode on February 1, you’d know that, but this is the first time in 2017 that Rob sits down to discuss Doctor Who with Dave on the flagship edition of the show.

During today’s episode, they cover:

– Listener emails from John Hole and ‘Kazza’ which cover Children of the Dogstar; Chocky; casting a female Doctor; and whether Rob and Dave are 50th Anniversary deniers.

– Errors Department: paper with the corners cut off to make it look futuristic is a Battlestar Galactica thing, not a Babylon 5 thing. Rob’s mistake.

– What Doctor Who music has stood out for you, and why? Nu Who or classic series, we want to hear it all from you. No pun intended. Email us — — or tell us on our Facebook or Twitter.

– Doctor Who Series 10: we have a release date; Missy’s return and will this be her final hurrah?; the Ice Warriors return with an all-new version but will this be a great or dodgy Gatiss episode; Dave’s Pearl Mackie conspiracy theory.

– Doctor Who Series 11: production has been pushed back, so we won’t see it in April of 2018 as many had been expecting after we ‘reset the clock’ this year.

– Doctor Who news: Vale, John Hurt; Big Finish sale perhaps prefaces the retirement of CDs 51 – 125 as physical media and Big Finish chat in general – what are Rob and Dave buying and why?; the essay book Hating to Love (which we interviewed JR Southall about on an earlier episode), has been released – and Dave and Rob each have a copy; future Watching Books releases.

– Dave’s adventures in the UK: meeting the Blue Box Podcast & Diddly Dum podcast crews; are podcasts replacing Doctor Who clubs in the modern day?; visiting Doctor Who locations in the UK.

– Totally Tasteless: The Life of John Nathan-Turner by Richard Marson.

– What are we watching beyond Doctor Who? Dave cites The Goldbergs and Riverdale while Rob opts for the Santa Clarita Diet.

– Some more quick thoughts on Series 10 of Doctor Who before we go.