The Doctor Who Show #11 (November 27, 2016)

Rob discusses the best of the past month in Doctor Who with super-sub Doc Whom (of the Diddly Dum podcast), filling in for David while he’s away in the nation’s capital.

Along the way, they cover:

– The Children in Need sneak peak of the Doctor Who Christmas episode. Does it point to what S10 might be like? And why was the response so muted?

– POWER OF THE DALEKS. Doc was at the BFI screening earlier in the month. What happened, and what does he think of it overall?

– Peter Davison’s autobiography “Is There Life Outside The Box?” Rob’s been slack and hasn’t opened it. Doc’s read it. Is it worth it?

– Class. Rob’s seen six episodes at the time of recording. Doc’s seen four. How are we both feeling about the series as the series ends?

– The Crown. Matt Smith’s in it, so we discuss it.

– The X-Files. One from left of field. Doc’s watching it for the first time and gives some thoughts as a first time viewer.

Plus, we throw in some randomness along the way about other happenings in our lives. Try it, you might like it…!

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