Whotiques Roadshow – Complete set of HARDBACK Doctor Who novels

For those of you who are unaware, Paul Scoones is the man behind the legendary New Zealand Doctor Who fanzine, Time Space Visualiser. He’s also one half of the team who tracked down a missing episode of Doctor Who in NZ – ‘The Lion’, a missing episode of the William Hartnell story ‘The Crusade’, back in 1999. He’s the author of the excellent ‘The Comic Strip Companion’, dealing with Doctor Who comics, and he’s also written the infotext subtitles on many of the classic era Doctor Who DVDs you’ve watched.

Rob sits down with Paul and asks him to choose an item from his extensive collection for the Whotiques Roadshow. Paul selects a complete set of vintage Doctor Who novels with a delightful twist… they’re all in hardback. This leads the two on a discussion of the Target novels in general, what attracted Paul to the hardbacks, their value, plus what came later in the form of the Virgin New Adventures and Missing Adventures, BBC 8th Doctor and Past Doctor ranges, right up to the current BBC New Series Adventures.