The Doctor Who Show S06 E12 – Flux – A Retrospective

So, that’s it. Flux – or Series 13 if you prefer – is over, the Aussie summer’s kicking off, and Christmas is in less than a week’s time. Seriously, where did 2021 go?

For the final flagship show of the year, Rob and Dave reunite to talk through some news and then conduct one of their famous post-mortems of the most recent series including special Twitter polls conducted with our listeners and a bulging mailbag where you have YOUR say on the series.

The Halloween Apocalypse
War of the Sontarans
Once, Upon Time
Village of the Angels
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

See you on Boxing Day for an episode of PRIMARY SOURCES, and then we’ll be back early in 2022 with a hot take episode on the New Year’s Day special, EVE OF THE DALEKS.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

2 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Show S06 E12 – Flux – A Retrospective”

  1. Unlike what seems to be most fans, I loathe the Timeless Child idea. So there was a lot of Flux I didn’t like. But overall, it was exciting, better than the previous series with Chibnall & Whittaker.

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