The Doctor Who Show #10 (October 30, 2016)

0:00:00 Theme tune & Doctor Who chat with Rob @theDWshow and David @DkWedgetail

– The Doctor Who Show has been deconstructing itself. You could say it’s now the podcast feed that’s the show and former segments will now run as their own episodes during each month.

– We’ve been making Class review episodes. They’re on the feed. Have you heard them?

– The Return of Doctor Mysterio. We discuss this year’s Christmas special via the sneak peak video that’s been released, commenting on super hero themes and Matt Lucas.

– Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Rob and David are both avid fans of Samuel Barnett and have a talk about the new series from BBC America. Have you been watching it?

– Four new Doctor Who books are coming out… but not the books you were expecting! These are based on the Mr Men books for Doctors 1, 4, 11 and 12. Why does Rob think 12 is nude?

– Three novels based on Class are being released, too. We’ll review them sometime.

– Matt Smith’s new mega-budget series, The Crown, is about to drop on Netflix.

– Discussion of confirmed Series 10 writers, plus a classic era writer still un-named. Who would Rob and David like to see return to write the show? Also, what ancient world location will the new series take us to? Steven Moffat has confirmed we’ll be going… somewhere.

– Power of the Daleks is getting a big screen release in Australia and New Zealand, but will it look any good? Will newcomers to this style of animation think it was worthwhile?

– David raises the question, “Is The Two Doctors Robert Holmes’ worst Doctor Who script?”

– David announces his new podcast relating to The Goodies. Find more information about it on Twitter @pirategoodiespc or on Facebook at

– Friend of the show, Miles Northcott, is starting an episode commentary / improvised comedy podcast called Doctor Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Find more information about it on Twitter @drwhosline or on Facebook at

59:55 The Garlics – Ian has been shot by a Garlic with a vodka ray & is now inebriated. The Doctor has just been interrogated & has been returned to the cell. This is a short clip to give you a taste of a forthcoming episode of Doctor Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

1:02:00 The Letter Lords – Jim @KrynoidPodCast & Bob @BoFleming discuss letters, texts and tweets sent to Doctor Who Magazine as well as the wider magazine itself

1:50:30 Outro to the show by Rob @theDWshow

1:52:14 End Credits. Write to us at