Doctor Who Review Show 2015 Episode 5 – The Girl Who Died

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Sound Bites

Iain, Lex, Kate, Al, The Him and Rob tell us what they thought of, “The Girl Who Died”.


Author Iain Martin @theIainMartin gives us his takes on the world of Doctor Who

The Face of Little Bo – Whodo Special

Andy @skaromedia and Little Bo @shipsandpigs look at the more quirky aspects of the episode with: Kelly, Adam, Rich, Jo, Harry, Ed, Twist, Craig, Gid and Joseph.

Doctor Robert

Rob @theDWshow gives the episode a health check

After 9

Our flagship review of the episode with Al No @Al_No_23 and Andy @skaromedia and Special Guest Steve Bowman @stevebowman

Lizzie & Alisha

Our resident Cos Players Lizzie @egunhildcarter and Alisha tell us what thrilled them in the episode

The Me & The Him

The popular blogging team @TheMeandTheHim give us their observations on the episode


Lex @lexerness looks at some of the more challenging questions in Doctor Who

Next Time!

Lex, Iain, Kate, Al, The Him and Rob tell us what they think we’re in for in next weeks episode!