Doctor Who Review Show 2015 Episode 4 – Before the Flood

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00.00.36 – Sound Bites

Iain, Lex, Kate, Al, The Him, Little Bo and Rob tell us what they thought of, “Before the Flood”

00.05.25 – Watching TV

Author Iain Martin takes on Before the Flood

00.15.07 – The Face of Little Bo

Andy @skaromedia and Little Bo @shipsandpigs look at the more quirky aspects of the episode

00.20.38 – Doctor Robert

Rob @theDWshow gives the episode a health check

00.26.31 – After 9

Our flagship review of the episode with Beth @BetsyChevron, Andy @skaromedia and Special Guest Kevin Jordan @livewire1221

00.48.41 – Lizzie & Alisha

Our resident Cos Players Lizzie @egunhildcarter and Alisha tell us what thrilled them in the episode

00.53.28 – The Me & The Him

The popular blogging team @TheMeandTheHim give us their observations on the episode

01.01.24 – Scandal

Rob @theDWshow looks at Doctor Who ratings and press reaction

01.08.28 – Next Time!

Lex, Iain, Kate, Al, The Him and Rob tell us what they think we’re in for in next weeks episode!