Doctor Who Review Show 2015 Episode 1 – The Magicians Apprentice

00.00 – Theme tune by Dominic Glynn

Taken from The Gallifrey Remixes. Available from –



00.34 – Sound Bites

Lex, Kate, Iain, Rob, Lizzie, Al and The Him tell us what they thought of “The Magician’s Apprentice”

by answering the questions:- What did you like about the episode?, What made you go wow?, What questions did the episode raise for you? and What did you think of the cliff hanger?

06.40 – Opening Nights

Author Iain Martin reminds us of all the season openers since 2005

14.02 – The Face of Little Bo

Andy @skaromedia and Little Bo @shipsandpigs  look at the more quirky aspects of the episode

17.35 – Doctor Robert

Rob @theDWshow gives the episode a health check

23.41 – After 9

Our flagship review of the episode with Al No, Beth and Andy

43.56 – Lizzie & Alisha

Our resident Cos Players Lizzie @egunchildcarter and Alisha  tell us what thrilled them in the episode

50.45 – The Me & The Him

The popular blogging team give us their observations on the episode


60.40 – Stranger on the Shore: Daleks for Design

Andy looks at the scientific career of Davros


66.30 – Final Word from Cartoon Doctor Who

Nelvana’s unmade animated Doctor Who gives us a thought for the day with help from his companions K9 the robot dog, and Panda on a chair.

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