The Who Wars Podcast #039

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00:48 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of his week, his MX-5 roadster and the weather in Sydney; the leak of a Luke Skywalker image from Episode VII and the (over) reaction to it as he sees it; Warlord Games acquires the licence to make a Doctor Who miniatures game; a shocking discovery is made about which Doctor Rob is most like; and what’s coming up in this episode, including a new segment called, “Doctor Noob”.

10:38 FEATURE – DOCTOR WHO – Kate @Kamiduu begins a new segment called “Doctor Noob” where a non-Doctor Who fan (or perhaps a very casual one), is invited to watch an episode selected by Kate, then talk about it on the show. This episode Kate speaks to Catrina Dennis @ohcatrina who is a Senior Editor at @moviepilotnews, Bartender at @UnderMosEisley and a Podcaster at @WomanUpPodcast and @FACPOV. What will this Star Wars fan think of Who?

22:24 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to Russ Leach @Kre8uk about sequential art, illustration & design. Russ is currently working for Panini on Doctor Who Adventures Magazine, which comprises most of the chat.

54:04 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – Four Doctors #1 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars and Lex @Lexerness

1:23:55 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – Four Doctors #2 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars and Kate @Kamiduu

1:51:05 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 11th Doctor #15 (Titan) by Lex @Lexerness

2:04:42 COMIC – STAR WARS – Star Wars #8 (Marvel) by Kate @Kamiduu and Jamie @blabbathehutt Discover more at

2:40:59 COMIC – STAR WARS – Kanan: The Last Padawan #5 (Marvel) by Jon @nerdstitute

2:46:14 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu reports on D23 2015 and the amount of Star Wars news released at the event, including: no new trailer but a new poster by Drew Struzan; Rogue One cast and first image; Star Wars theme parks; gaming news with the Darth Vader themed PS4 and the Disney Infinities set. Kate then asks Twitter and the Who Wars team what sort of rides they’d like to see at the new Star Wars feature at Disneyland. Who Wars team responses by Rob @WhoWars Lex @Lexerness and Andy @skaromedia

2:59:30 FEATURE – CLONE WARS – Rob @WhoWars continues to watch the Clone Wars TV series in chronological order. Here, the chronology takes him to 1.6 “Downfall of a Droid” and 1.7 “Duel of the Droids” Have you seen these episodes? Tell us what you thought of them:

3:07:57 – The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by some iTunes feedback and listener email. There’s no major topic discussed at the end of this episode, however, Rob does go back to some themes touched upon in the opening of the show, and wonders if Star Wars fans are getting a little crazy as the countdown to The Force Awakens begins to intensify. Rob also acknowledges the clanger he made in the Four Doctors #1 review.

3:20:52 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).