The Who Wars Podcast #030

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:40 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of this being a ‘May the 4th’ episode and also the official, ‘Kate takes over Who Wars’ episode. Andy also chimes in this episode with a Lee Sullivan interview. We also have a new theme tune. What did you think? Why not write in and let us know?

03:52 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu reports across her final day and a half at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Did you miss her earlier reports? They’re in Episode 29 of the show. Be sure to also check them out if you missed them.

15:23 ADVERT – Cloud City Council Podcast @nerdstitute

15:30 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu asks, “Why do you love Star Wars?” to attendees of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. At the end of the feature, the Who Wars team joins in and give their answers to the question as well. If you would like to tell us why YOU like Star Wars, why not email us or send in an MP3?

38:00 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to Lee Sullivan @LeeSullivanArt about Doctor Who comics, the new Rivers of London comic series ( also including Doctor Who alumni Ben Aaronovitch @Ben_Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel @andrewcartmel ), not to mention his long career in comics in general.

1:20:54 FEATURE – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu asks attendees of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim about their favourite Star Wars impressions. Andy @skaromedia joins in the fun at the end of the piece with some impressions of his own.

1:26:07 FEATURE/INTERVIEW – STAR WARS – Kate @Kamiduu talks about the short film, “Artoo In Love” and speaks to Writer, Director, Co-Editor Evan Atherton @EPAtherton and Co-Executive Producer, Artoo Builder/Operator Grant McKinney @gwmck at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Discover more at

1:28:55 The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by an editorial where he talks about how he got into watching Star Wars.

1:36:52 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).