The Who Wars Podcast #027

00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme

00:30 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of what’s coming up in the episode; the return of Doctor Who on March 26, 2005 and it being the inspiration for two pieces of content in this show; JR Southall’s Watching Books and reprints of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made; Who Wars will return, April 5.

05:18 FEATURE – DOCTOR WHO – MA Tamburro from AM Audio Media discusses Doctor Who in Canada and what the return of the show was like on Canadian television in 2005.

08:48 INTERVIEW – DOCTOR WHO – Andy @skaromedia talks to Cavan Scott @cavanscott about writing the new miniseries of 9th Doctor comics for Titan @ComicsTitan

39:04 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 9th Doctor #1 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars

48:32 COMIC – DOCTOR WHO – 11th Doctor #10 (Titan) by Lex @Lexerness

55:04 FEATURE/COMIC – PRINCESS LEIA #1, #2 (Marvel) – Andy @skaromedia talks about the character of Princess Leia, with contributions from Kate @Kamiduu Jon @jonathanbw and Rob @WhoWars. This is followed by Andy reviewing issues #1 and #2 of the series.

1:20:49 COMIC – STAR WARS – Star Wars #3 (Marvel) by Kate @Kamiduu

1:26:45 The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by an editorial celebrating 10 years of Nu Who since it returned as an ongoing series to UK TV screens on March 26, 2005. This isn’t a review, or in-depth thoughts on the actors or production. This is simply a snapshot of thoughts and feelings, upon hearing the news, through to the end of the first series.

1:37:05 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).