Call Out: Ever want to be on Primary Sources?

When our final episode of Primary Sources went out on September 18 this year, Rob talked about the idea of some special episodes at a future date.

Well folks, the time has arrived.

In this short podcast, Rob will explain his concept and read you a letter from DWM #238 from the 8th of May, 1996. Your mission is to reply to it.

Pick up your recording device of choice and riff back to Rob about the letter he read. Try to be concise (maybe jot down your main points before you record), and try not to go beyond 4-5 minutes, maximum. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Get your submissions in by December 3 – that’s a week from now – to be sure of making it onto the episode, which will go out on our feed later in December.

Looking forward to wherever the letter takes you…!

Send your submissions, ideally in MP3 format, to

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