The Doctor Who Show S06 E07 – Series 2 – 2006

Early in July we ran a Twitter poll with two Modern Who series picks from Dave and two from Rob. We asked which one you’d like us to discuss in the July episode and the results, after 268 votes were…

Series 7a – 9.3%
Series 6  – 14.6%
Series 9  – 35.4%
Series 2  – 40.7%

So tonight we honour the vote by discussing David Tennant’s debut series as The Doctor. What did we make of it at the time? What do we think of it now?

Before then, of course, there’s some news from the past month in Doctor Who, and some mini-topics to discuss. You know the drill for our flagship show by now, dear listener.

Hope you enjoy the episode. Contact us anytime,

New Earth
Tooth and Claw
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
Rise of the Cybermen
The Age of Steel
The Idiot’s Lantern
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Love & Monsters
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts

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